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Creating Waves of Influence:

Your Brand, Our Social Media Magic.

social media design.

Social media refers to online platforms and technologies that facilitate the creation, sharing, and exchange of information, ideas, and content among individuals and groups. These platforms allow users to connect, communicate, and engage with each other through various forms of content, such as text, images, videos, and links. Examples of social media platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and many others.

Design elements from R350

  • profile pictures(from R150)

  • cover and banner designs

  • post designs and templates

  • animated posts

  • carousel post designs

  • highlight icons (5 for R550)

  • feed layout designs

  • stories and templates

  • short videos and reel* editing


Management packages starting from R6000 per month:

9 x designed posts

3 x designed stories

1 x calendar and post planner

month-end analysis report

full management


Note this is for one social platform only, this package can be tailored and divided into 1 or 2 platforms if on a small budget, perfect for start-ups.


Working on a budget? No problem, contact Cofey to discuss a package tailored to your budget.

media management.

Time is of the essence for many business owners and often a company's social media presence doesn't get the full attention it so desperately needs. Social Media is at the forefront when it comes to marketing and advertising, whether it's for consumers or recruitment. 


Social media management involves the administration, monitoring, and optimization of a brand's presence on various social media platforms. It encompasses a range of tasks, including content creation, posting, community engagement, analytics tracking, and overall strategy development. A social media manager is responsible for ensuring that a brand's online presence aligns with its goals, engages with its target audience, and contributes to its overall digital marketing strategy.

A social media manager is essential for a brand to navigate the complexities of social media effectively, maintain a strong online presence, and leverage the benefits of these platforms for brand growth and engagement.

Here's a list of a social media manager's key responsibilities

Contact us today to discuss a custom design and/or  management package tailored to your budget.

What can a social media manager do for you?

consumer engagement.

A Social Media Manager will listen, respond and may ask your online audience questions in order to encourage engagement.

Cofey will host your brands' contests and giveaways; We will engage in polls and interactive games; use creative content such as interviews, info-graphs and more to get the respective audience involved.

seo & sem marketing.

A Social Media Manager will use Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to maximise the number of visitors to your website using quality meta descriptions and focus keywords.


Your brand may want to pay for extra visibility using Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Both SEO & SEM will help to target your relevant audience and increase your website rank. 

promote & advertise.

In order to grow and promote your content further, advertising will be required. Social Media is at the forefront for advertising.

Cofey will use the correct media platform(s) for your business to advertise to your respective market(s). A Social Media Manager will come up with a budget and plan for profitable engagement for your business. 

analyse & measure.

Cofey will record cumulative data from every post and advert from each social media network and use the information to form an analysis on the effects of the employed strategies.

The data monitored includes the; Followers gained, Impressions, Clicks & Views, Engagements, Traffic, Location, Leads and Consumers profiles etc. 

need some answers?

If you are looking for a quote or have a few questions, send us an email:

All quotations are estimated figures, more details may be required before sending a complete quote.

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