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Welcome to Mushy, the not-so-serious side of the Cofey Design Studio. 

Love Little Jen



Looking for the most sentimental gift for a partner, family member, friend, or even co-worker? Commissioned watercolour illustrations are hard to beat, they are so cute you will want to order one for yourself. What do I paint? Anything from beautiful scenes, family portraits, pet portraits to products for your local store. All illustrations are painted in watercolour and pencil crayon on high quality canvas paper.


quality prints

High-quality art prints because, let's be real, not everyone can afford original artwork. I have always had a profound love for portrait and figure art. In my spare time, I enjoy painting ink and charcoal nudes, portraits and abstract forms. For sensitivity purposes, I have blurred prints that may be a little 'questioning' for younger viewers. These prints are all printed-on-demand and are my own original art. 


original artworks

Buying an original artwork is like making a good investment. Art, by any means, is a soulful experience for an artist. We pour our emotion and talent onto a surface and create magic. Support an artist and turn your walls into absolute statements. Browse my various once-off original pieces. First come, first serve. Be kind to the artist, not all artworks will be to your taste. But share if you know someone who would be interested!


  Yes mushy, that word you say when you describe something so cute and sentimental you want to squeeze the  

  life out of it.. 

My name, the artist and designer of this studio, is Jennifer however my family name is 'Little Jen'. Every year I would paint my family members a unique hand-painted illustration and realised this is something I really love doing so why not extend this love to others

Mushy started a few years back when I started painting illustrations for my family member's birthdays and annual Christmas presents, word got out and friends and friends-of-friends started commissioning. Eventually I started a full blown side hustle, and guess what- I absolutely frikken love it. Nothing brings me more joy than painting heartfelt illustrations, except for my dogs of course.. dogs = happiness.


PS. Little Jen is my family given nickname which has stuck with me since I was a toddler.

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